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All profits made from this book will go towards WFWP Local Projects.


As the founder of the Women’s Federation for World Peace International, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon delivers hundreds of speeches throughout the world. ‘Women’s Role in World Peace’ showcases three major speeches, and presents a synopsis of her worldwide message. As a North Korean refugee during the Korean war,  Dr. Moon with you late husband, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon pioneered a way for peace for over fifty years on the global arena. Referred to as the ‘Mother of Peace’, we are honoured to showcase Dr. Hak Ja Han’s message to you.

Women’s Role in World Peace - Messages for Women from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

  • Australia - $5

    International - $TBA


"HERSTORY is a wonderful book that shares the stories of women and their backgrounds. But more deeply, it also expresses how the women overcame obstacles in their lives due to family breakdown, loss of loved ones, or having to move to another country as a refugee.

This book made me laugh and this book made me cry. I loved reading it so much, and I love the fact that the women even shared an extra special touch of their hearts by adding their favourite recipe at the conclusion of their story. 

I will certainly share this book with others. It is really an eye opener!!! Loved it!!!!!"

- Debra Bruce

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