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Students of New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

WFWP Global Development and Aid Project:

Honiara, Solomon Islands

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The New Hope Academy was founded in 2011 with support from WFWP Japan who provided funding to build the kindergarten. WFWP Australia continues to support with school materials and equipment.


Located in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara situated close to the city centre, the Academy is made up of a Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School.


With a family centred philosophy of teaching children to develop their sense of community through sharing, developing empathy and understanding  for each other, the Academy has the reputation of being the best school in the area due to its character education curriculum focus. 

WFWP Australia supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: inclusive and quality education for all; Goal 5: gender equality; Goal 10: reduced inequalities; Goal 17: partnerships for the goals.

kindergarten begins

2000-2005 - New Hope Academy initiative began to take form. The school concept was initiated by the Solomon Islands leadership team of WFWP, FFWPU and UPF, with support from Solomon Islands Ambassadors for Peace, WFWP Japan and WFWP Australia. Land was purchased for the school at Home Ground, Honiara.


2011 - New Hope Academy opened its doors for the first time as a private school in a renovated building with three classes: age 3, age 4, age 5-6. There were 19 students.

The old building was gutted and renovated becoming an office, a kitchen, toilets and a large hall facilitating three classrooms. The initial cost for the renovation and school equipment was $200,000 SB dollars. The three classrooms were separated by library shelving.

2012 - Increase in enrolment to 90 students. An extension was built from the main building. WFWP Japan provides funding for the kindergarten development.

2016 - New Hope Academy has the reputation of being the best schools in the area, even with minimal equipment and playground facilities. It is one of the cheapest private schools, with a fee of $350 SB per term. The government schools charge $450 per term. The Kindergarten had no electricity until WFWP Australia donated solar panels.

2017 - The Kindergarten moved to a new location in Kukum. A new building was built with 3 purpose built rooms.


The original school property is cleared for the erection of new school buildings. By this time there were 110 students in the class categories of ages 3, 4 and 5 who were supported by 7 teachers. 

The school received a set of iPads donated by WFWP Australia. They function as additional learning resources for the teachers and students. This donation has boosted the learning curve for students to the next level, and parents were really proud of this. The New Hope Academy is the first kindergarten in Solomon Islands that has a computer class where students can access new technology, learn new things and develop their skills as part of their learning experience at school.


30 students graduated from kindergarten to move onto their primary level of education.

New Hope Academy School in Solomon Islands building new classrooms, 2018
Students of New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.
New Hope Academy School in Solomon Islands old kindergarten sign
New Hope Academy School in Solomon Island receives a set of ipads from WFWP Australia
Students of New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Primary School Develops

New library at New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Ground Breaking at the primary school development of New Hope Academy.
Opening Assembly of the new primary school building of New Hope Academy
Assembly of students at New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

2018 - New classrooms built for the primary school levels. The school is now in the process of registering with the government as a primary school. New Hope Academy Primary School officially opened to grade 1 students with an intake of 34 primary students.

2020 - Enrolment reaches 210 students with 10 teachers and 3 primary grades. The library develops when New Hope receives a large donation of high quality educational books from WFWP Australia. Classroom equipment for the new school building is donated by WFWP Japan.

2021 - The official opening of the new SunHak building for New Hope Academy has enabled the school to reach the peak of primary school education with the addition of Year 5 and Year 6 classes.

Classrooms are well constructed and offer a conducive learning environment. It is the first school in the country that uses white board and white board markers instead of black boards with chalk writing in the classroom. This will reduce dust from the classrooms. The ablution (toilet) blocks for boys and girls are a good standard compare to others in the country and have a full time cleaner.


The Library room helps students with their reading. This year the school set up a reading program for students.


WFWP Australia brought the school to another level with the staff office and students activities accessing the use of projectors donated to the school.


Leaders who attended the opening were all impressed to have this standard school set in the City of Honiara. Parents of New Hope Academy are really proud to have their children enrolled in this kind of school.

Ten new teachers were posted  to New Hope Academy by the government Department of Education. The teachers commented, “we are blessed to come to a different environment from previous schools.” Teachers expressed their feelings that the school environment can change staff and students lives. New Parents were rushing to the office to look for spaces for their children.


2022 - Two stream grades begin for grades 1. 

2023 - Two stream grades begin for grades 2. 

SECONDARY School Develops

2023 - New Hope Academy begins secondary school classes with the first intake of year 7 students (form 1).


Subjects taught are: Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Information Technology, Home Economics,


WFWP Australia donated sewing machines and laptops to enable the commencement of technology classes. The demand for student enrolment continues to grow.


New Hope Academy gains accreditation with the Honiara local council for the Secondary School division. Only 2 schools in Honiara have been granted this ability. A headmaster was assigned by the Honiara Community Schools department.

The school is supported by the school Board made up of the founding FFWPU members and the parents representative.


New classrooms need to be built to cater for the growing classes.

school background

Student parade at New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.
WFWP Japan grant for New Hope Academy, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Even though preschool education has a positive impact on children's ability to thrive, adapt to primary school, and not drop out in high school, only 2.6% of the public education budget in the Solomon Islands is spent on early childhood education. This is largely due to budget restraints. ('The Relationship between Early Childhood Education and Primary School Academic Achievement in Solomon Islands', Diana E. Guild from the Auckland College of Education, N.Z., October 2009).

WFWP Solomon Islands addressed this issue by starting the New Hope Academy preschool in Honiara. Although a private school, the kindergarten aimed to give young children from poorer families the opportunity to receive early childhood education with school fees lower than the government schools. This was possible with the support of WFWP Japan and WFWP Australia.

Mrs. Selina Galo, Principal of New Hope Academy since its opening, shared the school philosophy as being value and family centred. Children are taught to develop their hearts through sharing, developing empathy and understanding. The kindergarten has always had a strong parent’s association. Twice a year the association hosts fundraising lunches; attracting VIPs, government officials and the local community for support.


For more information and how to support, please contact us.

new hope academy milestones

  • 2010- 2013 - Establishment and set up of the Preschool/ Kindergarten Division is completed.​

  • 2014-2020 - Establishment and set up of the Primary/ Elementary Division is completed.

  • 2021-2026 - Establishment and set up of the Secondary/ High school division. In 2023, the Secondary School began with the first intake of year 7 students (form 1).

  • 2027 - Establishment of the New Hope Academy student boarding facilities and services.

classroom equipment donated by WFWP Japa
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