CSW side event - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: effective response for women and girls

      a forum for transformative leadership

Why Leadership Matters?

We are entering a new era where the role of women as peace builders in all sectors is needed more than ever.


It is well established that the economic empowerment of women isn't just good for women, it's good for everyone. Likewise, there is a growing body of evidence (McKinsey & Co) showing that when more women sit at decision-making tables, better decisions are made.

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Assembly Details

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Share with 5 powerful women leaders who will not only inspire, but illuminate that 'Leading into the Future' with 'heart' and using the soft power skills of reconciliation, peace building, team building, collaboration and forgiveness that naturally come to women ARE the most powerful leadership skills for the 21st Century. 


Join the 'Leading into the Future' mentorship kick off during the Assembly.


The Global Women's Peace Network forum is held on the first Saturday of August in Melbourne