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CSW side event - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: effective response for women and girls

Global Women's Peace Network ASSEMBLY:
a forum for transformative leadership

Why Leadership Matters?

The National GWPN Assembly offers the opportunity for networking, innovation, and transformational leadership.


We are entering a new era where the role of women as peace builders in all sectors is needed more than ever.

It is well established that the economic empowerment of women isn't just good for women, it's good for everyone. Likewise, there is a growing body of evidence (McKinsey & Co) showing that when more women sit at decision-making tables, better decisions are made.

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Assembly Details


2024 Theme: Fostering Trust and Open Communication 

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Want to join the WFWP mentorship program called 'Leading into the Future'? 

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WFWP's Global Women’s Peace Network National Assembly for Transformative Leadership is held annually on the first Saturday of June in Melbourne (10:30 - 3:30pm).


Engage with visionary leaders, gain insights into innovative approaches, and develop skills to drive positive change. By connecting with like-minded peers, you can become the catalysts for transformative action and social impact.

Share with women leaders who inspire and illuminate that Leading with 'heart' and using the soft power skills of reconciliation, peace building, team building, collaboration and forgiveness that naturally comes to women ARE the most powerful leadership skills for the 21st Century. 

What people are saying!

“I feel empowered by meeting all those inspirational women coming from different backgrounds who had to come over so many barriers to be able to reach where they are. Amazing stories!


It was a great day of networking, learning and being inspired to lead into the future.”

“Congratulations on a beautifully organised event.  The food was fabulous, speakers inspiring, and the structure of the event was great. Leaving lots of time for attendees to meet and converse was an absolute highlight as well.


What an amazing group of women were in attendance. I enjoyed every minute of my time.  WFWP is doing a great job."

“It was an uplifting event which clearly demonstrated many of the benefits and strengths of women's leadership.

Each of the speakers represented different backgrounds and interests, yet each were similarly inspiring as they stepped us through the motivating factors of their lives, especially how each lead by example."

Marvelous stories of women who have shown leadership in their  professional careers, as well as within their service to community.


A lot to take away from the Assembly, would recommend it to anyone.”

I had a highly positive perception. It was inspiring to hear the speakers' stories sharing their know-how from different walks of life and their insights on turning difficulties into opportunities to help others.


Previously, I hadn't thought about resilience as a source of leadership from the heart. However, after hearing those examples and seeing the work that the founders of the federation did from their life experiences, the concept will stay with me. 


I also enjoyed the activities in the group and the safe environment built for everyone to feel free to share their perceptions without judgment.

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