As GLOBAL PARTNERS, organisations contribute to the goals of the Network by using their outlet to ensure lasting peace and prosperity for generations to come.




1.  Embrace the global family as one world community of our Heavenly Parent to uplift all people through 'living for the sake of others'.

2.  Affirm women’s value.

3.  Collaborate to solve pressing social issues surrounding women's leadership, family, and the environment.

4.  Commit to creating a culture of heart to foster lasting peace and prosperity for generations to come.

5.  Promote healthy and virtuous relationships within the family.

Dr. Bushnu Maya Pariyar, Association of
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Join your organisations as a GLOBAL PARTNER  and enjoy awesome benefits.

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1.  Recipient of the prestigious Global Partner Award.


2.  Organisation logo will be a longstanding feature on the Global Women’s Peace Network page of Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia website.


3.  A customised landing page to the organisation will be placed on the Global Women’s Peace Network page of Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia website.

  • Share the status as a conscientious Global Partner for Peace, supporting Global Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals.

  • Share the status as a Global Partner of Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia on your organisations website, or social media, to signal the conscientious effort your organisation is making to ensure lasting peace.​

  • Organisation promotion alongside the Global Women’s Peace Network.

4.  Examples of promotion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Global Women’s Peace Network electronic invitation letters.

  • Global Women’s Peace Network program books.

  • WFWP Oceania E-Newsletter.

  • WFWP Australia social media.

  • Global Women’s Peace Network events.


Sustainable Development Goal #17:  partnerships for the goals 

Explanation: A successful development agenda requiring inclusive partnerships at the global, regional, national, and local levels built upon shared principles and values, and upon a shared vision and shared goals placing people and the planet at the centre.

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