WFWP Australia has local chapters in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. State level chapters embrace women of all ages, faiths, cultures and nationalities. We work in partnership with other WFWP Chapters worldwide and local stakeholders to contribute to the following major activities:​​

Global Womens' Peace Network - NSW, QLD, VIC

Statement of Purpose: The GWPN is a network of women leaders and organisations dedicated to solving pressing social issues and securing an environment for human development. Through peace leadership based on a feminine paradigm, the GWPN seeks to ensure lasting peace and prosperity for generations to come.

The GWPN is a project of WFWP International.

Peace Building Seminar Series - VIC​

With four seminars held annually in Clayton, VIC., each seminar builds on the previous and explores the moral, spiritual and methodological principles that foster peace building. Each seminar is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the philosophical principles of the founders of WFWP International, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and her late husband the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Explore a new model for peace building for oneself, one’s family and one’s community!

Empowering Women, Strengthening Families, Connecting Communities 

Melbourne Pasifika Festival and Charity Walk- VIC

Join us for our annual Pasifika Festival and Charity Walk, which raises funds to support our humanitarian service projects in the Pacific Islands.


Bring your friends and family and enjoy a fun day with food stalls, arts and crafts, and entertainment and fun activities organised by local Islands communities.

Faith Stories - VIC​

Faith Stories is a cultural perspective of women in their faith. Our intent is to facilitate community connection by providing a panel of multicultural women faith leaders, who can share a deeper understanding of their faith and culture, resulting in a breakdown of barriers and unfounded stereotypes that hinder community cohesion. 

Mindfulness Retreat - VIC​

Our yearly Mindfulness Retreat webinars offer an amazing opportunity to learn how to meditate, and receive guidance from Venerable Bhikkhuni Bodhicitta, a renowned meditation teacher with over 35 years of experience.

This years theme was: Your Peace of Mind - an opportunity to rest, relax, regenerate and start afresh.

(These events are open to both beginners and advanced meditators.)

These events are held in partnership between the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and the International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness (Nisala Arana), and it is supported by: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

The International Day of Peace is observed around the world each year on 21st September. WFWP State chapters hold an annual one-day conference to support and foster peace building within our diverse multicultural community. 

UN International Day of Peace Conference - NSW, QLD, VIC

As an international NGO, WFWP supports the realisation of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which encompass the six following elements:

  • Dignity: to end poverty and fight inequality

  • People: to ensure healthy lives, knowledge and the inclusion of women and children

  • Prosperity: to grow a strong, inclusive and transformative economy

  • Planet: to protect our ecosystems for all societies and our children

  • Justice: to promote safe and peaceful societies and strong institutions

  • Partnership: to catalyse global solidarity for sustainable development

Speech Contest - Theme: Empowering the Female Voice - VIC​

WFWP Australia is expanding the horizon of its educational activities by giving young women in Australia an opportunity to speak in public under the banner of: “Empowering the Female Voice”.

Women’s Leadership Seminar - NSW

Women from different cultures gather for an inspiring three day leadership seminar at the beautiful Collaroy Centre, minutes from Collaroy Beach.

Women in general are busy and rarely find time for themselves, but are inspired to come together for three days to focus on improving their lives with the support of a powerful and skilful facilitator from India, Mrs. Madhu Sharma.

Mrs. Sharma has helped thousands of women, men and children during her leadership programs around the world.

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