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Join us in our efforts to promote peace and well-being through a culture of heart: 

  • Come along to local events that foster dialogue between different cultures, abilities, and faiths. Network, learn, connect, and meet interesting people from all walks of life.

  • Gain industry experience and mentoring, or simply give back by helping to develop WFWPs online platforms and projects. 

  • Take a more leadership role to help develop life education activities that educate with values, and nurture reconciliation and conflict resolution.


Connect with like minded people around the world who are dedicated to a more harmonious and peaceful world.

We support volunteers to:


  • Have a sense of belonging by developing and deepening relationships.

  • Meet new people and experience different cultures.

  • Develop leadership skills.

  • Gain work experience.

  • Get involved in community development and   give back to society.

  • Have the opportunity to attend local, national,  and international events.                     


Volunteer Policy   


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A happy community with WFWP Australia.
Lots of Network opportunities with WFWP Australia.
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PNG students receiving re-usable menstrual kits from WFWP Aust.

WFWP Australia has an ongoing partnership with Days for Girls - Wandin Chapter Victoria. These skilled seamstresses sew re-usable menstrual kits to be distributed by WFWP Australia to young women in the Pacific Islands free of charge.  


This initiative serves as a platform for empowering young women to remain in school during their period. Along with the kits, WFWP Australia has duplicated the Days For Girls menstrual health book so that recipients can be educated about menstrual health. Kits are distributed within PNG by PNG Chapter members. 

Funds needed to support the shipping costs related to this initiative are raised through donations and membership contributions.

Days for Girls re-usable menstrual kits.

100% OF YOUR DONATION is used to support this initiative and other ongoing projects in the Pacific Islands. 

Contact Us for more information.

SUPPORT Global Development and Aid Projects through your donation or membership.

100% OF YOUR DONATION is used to support ongoing projects in the Pacific Islands. 

Click on the hand to view a project you would like to sponsor.

Lend a Helping Hand!

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Are you a young professional or student who is looking for experience?

Are you a recently retired professional who is ready to give back to the community?

Apply today for an internship / mentoring position as an enthusiastic volunteer to gain industry experience.



You are confidence using IT software, pro-active, organised, friendly, a good listener, confident, enthusiastic, wanting to help, ready for a challenge, have good communication skills, and takes initiative. 


Volunteer Positions Available

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Multi-media

  • Event Management

  • Administrative Assistant  

  • Report Writing 

  • Sausage sizzlers   

Contact Us to find out more

Leading Into The Future Poster 2024.png



Do you find yourself leading in situations?

Are you seeking to develop good leadership skills based on 'Leadership of the Heart'?

Working in partnership with women leaders through the Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN), WFWP Australia invites you to participate in the Leading into the Future Mentor Program.

Contact Us to find out more 

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