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All profits made from this book will go towards WFWP Local Projects.


HerStory is a compilation of inspirational and heart-felt stories of women who shared their journey during the Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia Her Story sessions in Melbourne, Victoria. Entwined throughout our lives are our values and spirituality; it is this deeper journey that Her Story reveals. Our life journey is a collection of choices and decisions that are made based on our values, our passions and what we hold to be true for ourselves and our family. Trials, challenges and crossroads in our lives require big choices and decisions. It is our hope that Her Story will be a guiding light, a moral compass and a source of strength when you are faced with decisions that affect yourself and those you love.


The Her Story collection is our history, our heart, our spirituality, our love and our culture as one human family. The collection represents a window into multi-cultural Australia. The women featured in Her Story come from all ‘walks of life’; they express their unique cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.


A significant part of our culture is what we love to cook and share around the dinner table. The second part of HerStory is a collection of each woman’s favourite recipe as Starters, Mains or Sweets. The recipes are as diverse as multi-cultural Australia. We hope that you enjoy exploring them and sourcing out the ingredients in all the wonderful multi-cultural food stores located in your neighbourhood’s.

Herstory - A Window into Multi-Cultural Australia



    "HERSTORY is a wonderful book that shares the stories of women and their backgrounds. But more deeply, it also expresses how the women overcame obstacles in their lives due to family breakdown, loss of loved ones, or having to move to another country as a refugee.

    This book made me laugh and this book made me cry. I loved reading it so much, and I love the fact that the women even shared an extra special touch of their hearts by adding their favourite recipe at the conclusion of their story. 

    I will certainly share this book with others. It is really an eye opener!!! Loved it!!!!!"

    - Debra Bruce

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