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Mindful Meditation Retreat - VIC

Reflection from Participants

“It actually worked!"

"I felt surprisingly more mindful, in that I could bring my mind back to the present easier and through this felt much more relaxed, less stressed and in the moment".

Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

person on a wharf at a lake.
Mindfulness trains your attention and awareness to achieve mental clarity and emotional calm.

Meditation aims to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain, increase peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being. Presently, meditation is under research to define its possible psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular health effects.

As you go about your day, you may start to notice that some things are better. Maybe you don’t get mad as quickly. Maybe you find your normal stress level has dropped. 

Theme of the Retreat
Your peace of mind. An opportunity to rest, relax, regenerate and start afresh.

Our Partner


The Retreat is hosted by WFWP in partnership with Venerable Bhikkhuni Bodhicitta who is a Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist Nun based in Melbourne and Sri Lanka.

  • Spiritual Director of the International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness Inc. (ICIPH).

  • Buddhist Chaplain at RMIT University, Melbourne.

  • Conducted numerous meditation retreats, lectures, Dhamma talks, and discussions in Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, India, Canada, and USA.

  • Renowned meditation teacher with over 35 years’ experience.

Format of the Day
  • Presentations on brain functions related to fear and stress, managing stress, mindfulness training, and meditation practices such as walking and sitting meditation.
  • Presentations from mindfulness professionals using modalities such as Laughing Meditation, Pasifika Movement Mindfulness, Heart Centred Meditation, Meares’ Stillness Meditation etc.
  • Exhibits on display showcasing healing products.
When: Annually on the 1st Saturday of June

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