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Participants at the 2018 Women's Leadership Seminar -NSW, Aust.


Women from seventeen different cultures gathered for an inspiring three day leadership seminar at the beautiful Collaroy Centre, minutes from Collaroy Beach.

Women in general are busy and rarely find time for themselves, but are inspired to come together for three days to focus on improving their lives with the support of a powerful and skilful facilitator from India, Mrs. Madhu Sharma. Mrs. Sharma has helped thousands of women, men and children during her leadership programs around the world.

Our schedule started with morning exercises. Then Mrs. Sharma took us through many insightful presentations on self-esteem, health and communication. We had plenty of time for activities and group discussions.

Mrs. Sharma emphasised that the biggest problem in modern times is stress. She gave many tips on meditating and stretching exercises to manage stress triggers. She also targeted the importance of transparency in relationships. After each session, we had time to share with each other and learn about each other’s cultures. We came to appreciate the deep traditions of each culture.

We were sad to depart, and felt so grateful for the new hope and skills learned to improve our lives. The desire to keep in touch after the seminar inspired us to create a WhatsApp Social Media chat
group so that we could share our efforts to improve our lives. The desire to meet again and build lasting friendships will continue. Our goal is to empower each other and to become strong leaders
within society.

We appreciate all the facilitators throughout the years and look forward to our next leadership seminar.

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