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WFWP Australia encourages and supports every

woman to become a ‘woman of peace’

through educating with values and

fostering a culture of heart;  the mother's heart,

centring on the inherent feminine characteristics of

care, empathy, nurturing and cooperation.

WFWP International Logo- white

Inspired Women  |  Engaged Youth  |  Environment Sustainability

Through its charity work, WFWP Australia is committed to support women, engage youth and environment sustainability.


Capacity Building WFWP Global Development and Aid projects within the Pacific Island nations of Oceania and Australia have enabled thousands of women to access educational opportunities and gain skills to better support their family and livelihood. 

Social Impact Activities create an environment of peace and wellbeing for future generations and people of all races, cultures, and religious creeds. We educate with values by fostering peace building, multiculturalism, healing, bringing diverse communities together, and environment sustainability.


Attendees of the 2019 UN International Day of Peace conference in Melbourne, Victoria.

Promoting universal values and
peace building for today's society
educating with values and
fostering a culture of heart.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: peace, justice
and strong institutions. 



Supporting tomorrows leaders and connecting them with established women leaders through the Global Women's Peace Network's 'Leading into the Future' mentor program.

Reinforcing UN Sustainable Development Goals 5: gender equality, and 10: reduced inequalities.

A woman leader mentoring an emerging leaders.
Clean Up Australia Day 2021 certificates.


Partnering with organisations to create a better social and physical environment.
Supporting Sustainable Development Goals:
     Goal 14: life below water
     Goal 15: life on land
     Goal 17: partnerships for the goals