Honiara, Solomon Islands

The SunHak Primary School officially opened its grade 1 in 2019.

The school, previously named as New Hope Academy Kindergarten, was initiated by WFWP Japan and WFWP Australia and operated by WFWP Solomon Islands.

In the year 2017, the school has developed and increased its participant’s numbers to 110 students. The school enrols students into the age group categories of age 3, 4 and 5.

In 2017, there were 50 students enrolled under age 3, with the support of three teachers. 30 students were enrolled under the age group of 4 years old, with the support of two teachers. Also, 30 students enrolled under the age group of 5 years old, with the support of two teachers.


The school has one administrative staff that is responsible for doing related administrative matters for the school. The school also has one supervisor, which supervises the general well-being of the school. The school has a total of 8 staff members.

In August 2017, the school was delighted to receive a set of iPads, which have been donated by WFWP Australia. They function as additional learning resources for the teachers and students. This donation has boosted the learning curve for students to the next level, and parents were really proud of this. The New Hope Academy is the first kindergarten in Solomon Islands that has a computer class where students can access new technology, learn new things and develop their skills as part of their learning experience at school.

The school successfully completed the 2017 academic year, with 30 students graduating from the kindergarten to move onto the primary level of education. At the start of 2018, new classrooms are being built for the primary school levels. The school is now in the process of registering as a primary school.

History of the New Hope Academy

In 2010, WFWP Australia provided funding for the building of the New Hope Academy Kindergarten. Located in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara, on the Guadalcanal Provincial Island, it is situated in the commercial area close to the city centre called Town Ground. 

Due to budget restraints only 2.6% of the public education budget in the Solomon Islands is spent on early childhood education, even though receiving preschool education has a positive impact on children's ability to adapt to primary school and thrive instead of dropping out in high school. ('The Relationship between Early Childhood Education and Primary School Academic Achievement in Solomon Islands', Diana E. Guild from the Auckland College of Education, N.Z., October 2009).

WFWP Solomon Islands decided to help address this issue by starting a preschool in Honiara. The preschool was aimed to give the opportunity for young children from poorer families a way to receive early childhood education.  

An old building was gutted and renovated becoming an office, a kitchen, toilets and a large hall facilitating three classrooms. The initial cost for the renovation and school equipment was $200,000 SB dollars. The three classrooms were separated by library shelving.


The school opened in 2011 with the 1st intake of 40 students ranging from 3 to 6 years old. The three classrooms were: age 3; age 4 and age 5-6. Then the children move onto the local primary schools for their schooling. As with all kindergartens in the Solomon Islands, the school operates from 8-12pm.


From 2012, WFWP Japan provided funding for the kindergarten development. At the end of 2012 another classroom was built, allowing the three class rooms to spread out and the older children to have their own room. The plan is to continue building.

New Hope Academy has the reputation of being the best schools in the area, even with minimal equipment and playground facilities. It is one of the cheapest private schools, with a fee of $350 SB per term. The government schools charge $450 per term.

Mrs. Selina Galo, Principal of the New Hope Academy, shared the philosophy behind the school as being value and family centred; teaching the children to develop their hearts through sharing, developing empathy and understanding. The kindergarten has a strong parent’s association. Twice a year the association hosts fundraising lunches; attracting VIPs, government officials and the local community for support.


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