Executive Board of Directors - WFWP Australia


Anne Bellavance
International Vice-President (IVP) representing Oceania

President, Australia and Victoria

A NFP pioneer and volunteer for 43 years within Australia, the US and Canada, Anne serves to establish a ‘culture of heart’ based on the motto of ‘Living for the Sake of Others,’ which is a unique approach to peacebuilding reflecting the heart and soul of WFWP International.


Anne has a Pure Science degree from Montreal, Canada, graduating with distinction and gained her Diploma of Education in Australia where she is an educator. She has served on numerous community Boards within Melbourne.


Passionate about the advancement of women through developing ‘leadership of the heart’, Anne dedicates a lot of her time supporting and mentoring women and advocating for community organisations. Her daily intention is gratitude, being the key to happiness and success. “I have seen how we can achieve so much more by joining together and exploring new ways to achieve our shared dreams. It’s super exciting!”  

Susi Evans.jpg

Susi Evans
WFWP Australia Vice-President

WFWP Queensland President

Nutritional Biochemist/ Health Coach/Motivational Speaker

Susi has a Bachelor Science Physiology degree with Honours in Biochemistry from Monash University. She completed her Diploma of Education from Monash University and undertook master’s degree courses in Children of High Intellectual Potential (CHIP) from Melbourne University. 

Susi’s former positions of leadership include co-national leader of FFWPU New Zealand, International Education Foundation director representing New Zealand, co-pastor Brisbane Family Church and co-director Queensland FFWPU.

Susi is passionate about heath and undertakes research about diabetes, cancer, and blood pressure. Her interests and hobbies are swimming, yoga, writing, reading and Interfaith dialogue.

YeJeong DeGeer.jpg

Dr Ye Jeong De-Geer (Kim)
WFWP Australia Secretary

WFWPI Medical Volunteer Service representative, Oceania, and Australia


Dr Ye Jeong has a Bachelor of Neuroscience from the University of Sydney, and a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia. She is director of Foot and Ankle Experts Health Clinic in Hamilton QLD and a clinical podiatrist, treating people with a variety of health conditions.

Dr Ye Jeong is a peace-building medical professional who enjoys participating with the HJ Magnolia Medical Foundation to organise international medical voluntary events. In 2019 she worked with this medical team in Battambang, Cambodia, treating more than one thousand Cambodians in desperate need of health care. 

Dr Ye Jeong strongly believes that education is the key to fight poverty and reduce violence. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, her cat Momo and her dog, Ryu.

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Giulia Iacono
WFWP Oceania Regional Secretary

WFWP Australia Ordinary Member | WFWP Victoria

Giulia received her Bachelor of Molecular Biology in Switzerland and first-class Honours in Science at Monash University. Passionate about respiratory immunology, she is currently undertaking her PhD at the Central Clinical School, Monash University. Her research encompasses the study of the relationship between the immune system and the microbial communities living in the human lungs during inflammation and fibrosis.

Inspired about contributing, Giulia volunteers on the side and is currently the Secretary of WFWP Victoria and Australia. She was also previously in charge of coordinating fundraising activities to support WFWP Humanitarian Projects in the Pacific Islands. During the Pacific Islands festival in March 2019 the team raised over $4000 to send two students to university in the Solomon Islands. 

Through her work, Giulia wishes to make the most impactful changes to bring out the best in people and work towards a more stable, peaceful world. She believes that peace initiates within our mind. Therefore, it is essential to be educated to be strong enough to withstand life adversities, but gentle enough to care for others. She strives to achieve this balance.

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Penny Amaral
WFWP Australia Ordinary Member

WFWP Victoria Treasurer

Penny is a public servant in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as part of the Census 2021 Inclusive Strategies Engagement Hub.

Penny has COTE TEFL qualification for teaching English as a second language from Cambridge University and currently studying for a Diploma of Sustainable Living (UTAS).

Her hobby is to produce and present Sustainability Modules for community development in Africa (via Zoom) and has interest in positive ageing, social inclusion, and health of mind, body, and soul.

Aila Willitts.jpg

Aila Willitts
WFWP Australia Vice-President

WFWP New South Wales President

Debbie Bruce.jpg

Debbie Bruce
WFWP Australia Ordinary Member

WFWP New South Wales Treasurer

Jacinta Darbishire
WFWP Australia Ordinary Member

WFWP Victoria Ordinary Member