Faith Stories: conversations and story telling - VIC
Embrace Diversity, Strengthen Communities!
Utilizing compelling and distinct themes, this annual event is held on the 1st Saturday of March in Belgrave, Melbourne.
Faith Stories generates heartfelt responses from the speakers and the audience by creating understanding between cultures and faiths, resulting in people's hearts opening and their world view enriched. It is our hope that these conversations and story telling start a ripple effect of understanding that will spread, and eventually be a catalyst to alleviate unfounded stereotypes that hinders community cohesion.
Every day we are bombarded with stories and images of racial and religious tension. We believe that acceptance and respect comes from understanding each other's values, beliefs, and most importantly, our similarities rather than our differences. A person's stereotypes about another's faith practice causes division, rather than understanding.
Reflection from Participants

“I really loved taking part in the Faith Stories event. I felt a real affinity with the other ladies despite our differences in belief.”

“Great event! I would definitely recommend. I had a great, wonderful time and learned a lot. Very nice to learn what other people/regions believe and follow. The event makes us become aware and understanding of others.”